Best of 2018


A truly amazing set of images Nicola.

Oh wow, I loved that. Funny, Beautiful, funny again, genuinely had so much honest humour that got me giggling but loads of style to boot. Top work Nic, here’s to 2019.x

Absolutely perfect nic. those pink bridesmaid suits!! goals. nailed it my love, have an amazing 2019. xxx

Take a bow Thompson! Take a bow!!!! Just a magnificent round up of fun, cool, dancing and emotion, i love the shot of the bride crying as the dress goes on, that’s mega!

Love these Nicola – moments moments moments! Ace portraits too and the toning is lovely. Have an ace 2019!

Raucous, Saucy and bursting with humour and energy!!! oh and dangly cucumbers! Love it Nic x

Your sense of humour and infectious energy really shine through in your photographs – these are brilliant. loads of personality and so striking. beautiful atmospheric tones too. ace!

What an amazing set of images, bursting with so much energy and personality… it really made me grin from ear to ear. Wow

WOW. Probably my favourite best of 2018 so far? I just love your eye – such a unique and recognisable style backed up by amazing all round skills. This is world class Mrs! x

nic you legend, every damn shot!!! effortless yet clever. Love the simplicity mixed with creative chaos, balanced so perfectly. I’ve only looked at handful of best offs this year but the above was the ultimate treat <3

As fab as ever Nic – fun but with a classy editorial feel which has become your signature (i reckon). Bravo chick x


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