Dorney Court Wedding, Jennie & Andy

I shot this Dorney Court wedding last weekend and the lucky couple were Jennie & Andy! Lucky in many ways but most of all, because these guys are 2 extremely special people with very warm, welcoming family and friends, the world at their feet. The setting for both ceremony and wedding reception were just beautiful; attention to detail second to none. Makes my job both easy and very enjoyable. Thank you for being such wonderful hosts and models 😉 Hope you enjoy these few of my favourites. Approximately 400 more to come…Dorney Court Wedding_0001Dorney Court Wedding_0002Dorney Court Wedding_0003Dorney Court Wedding_0004Dorney Court Wedding_0005Dorney Court Wedding_0006Dorney Court Wedding_0007Dorney Court Wedding_0008Dorney Court Wedding_0009Dorney Court Wedding_0010Dorney Court Wedding_0011Dorney Court Wedding_0012Dorney Court Wedding_0013Dorney Court Wedding_0014Dorney Court Wedding_0015Dorney Court Wedding_0016Dorney Court Wedding_0017Dorney Court Wedding_0018Dorney Court Wedding_0019Dorney Court Wedding_0020Dorney Court Wedding_0021Dorney Court Wedding_0022Dorney Court Wedding_0023Dorney Court Wedding_0024Dorney Court Wedding_0025Dorney Court Wedding_0026Dorney Court Wedding_0027Dorney Court Wedding_0028Dorney Court Wedding_0029Dorney Court Wedding_0030Dorney Court Wedding_0031Dorney Court Wedding_0032Dorney Court Wedding_0033Dorney Court Wedding_0035Dorney Court Wedding_0036Dorney Court Wedding_0037Dorney Court Wedding_0038Dorney Court Wedding_0039Dorney Court Wedding_0040Dorney Court Wedding_0041Dorney Court Wedding_0042Dorney Court Wedding_0043Dorney Court Wedding_0044Dorney Court Wedding_0045Dorney Court Wedding_0046Dorney Court Wedding_0047Dorney Court Wedding_0048Dorney Court Wedding_0049Dorney Court Wedding_0050Dorney Court Wedding_0051


Dorney Court Wedding by Nicola Thompson Photography



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