Fforest Wedding Photography, Tom & Kirsty

I was so excited on the run up to Tom & Kirsty’s Fforest wedding in Pembrokeshire, Wales. I’d heard about this place and it seemed that only a select few photographers had worked there so I couldn’t wait. It’s a ‘glamping’ dream with lots of huts, pods, and tents nestled in amongst the hills and forests. The centre of the site has a big deck that looks out over a valley and the most amazing candlelit tiny pub I’ve ever been in. The weather took a turn for the worst and on the day of the wedding we had the heaviest rainfall of the entire year so we certainly got our wellies dirty! It added to the magical feel of the place for sure – such an amazing atmosphere. Tom & Kirsty had so many gorgeous details – the Jenny Packham dress, the stunning high tea, the home-brew, the hand picked flowers – it was a joy from start to finish. I’ve put together a little (large) sneak peek of the photos! Enjoy.

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