Lake District Wedding Photography, Amanda & Ryan

This beautiful wedding in The Lake District National Park was my first of the year and it eased me into the season perfectly after a few weeks office bound! I adore spending time up in Cumbria with my family and feel so relaxed when visiting. It always surprises me how close we are to such an amazing landscape. Driving from Manchester its literally 1.5 hours and it feels like you’re in a different world. We really enjoy camping and often find ourselves in various parts of The Lakes in a tent battling the elements. It’s a great opportunity for me to take the camera and get some natural photos of the kids being a bit wild. Our favourite spot is in the Langdales so not exactly Lakeside but I just love the remoteness of the place. We visit Windermere a couple of times a year too and I shoot the odd wedding up in the Lake District of course. I’d like to be there as often as I can!


Lake District Wedding Photography, Nicola Thompson Photography


 Lake District Wedding Photography


Amanda and Ryan love the outdoors and enjoy walking in The Lakes, visiting many times every year, so it was only natural that they plan their wedding with the rolling hills and valleys surrounding them. Ryan even went on a 6am ramble on the morning of the wedding which I’m sure set him up for the big day ahead in the best possible way.

The girls got ready at The Belsfield Laura Ashley Hotel in Windermere which was hired in it’s entirity for the dinner, drinks and dancing. It’s an absolutely stunning hotel standing proud on the hillside looking over the lake, beautiful decor and amazing staff too.

Amanda looked an absolute star in her classic, elegant dress which she wore so beautifully. She was also an absolute hoot and laughed pretty much all the way through the day: my favourite type of bride! We had so much fun. The ceremony itself took place at a lovely church just down the road from Windermere. It was a lovely service and we finished it with a shower of confetti!

On our way to The Belsfield heading back from the church we stopped at a little jetty that hovers out into the Lake and took some photos. Swans, boats, beautiful hills and scenery… it was heaven! It’s so peaceful working outdoors in such an amazing landscape.

I documented the whole wedding day, Amanda & Ryan’s friends and family altogether having fun and celebrating such a special occasion. It was a real privilege to be invited.


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If you’re planning a relaxed wedding in The Lake District contact me for pricing and availability in 2017/18.

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