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I am Nicola or Nic for short. If you’ve got this far it could mean you'd like to book me to shoot your wedding, and if so, that’s a great decision and now you can relax! I say this with some confidence because I’ve been shooting weddings for 12 years and I have all the experience and judgement of someone you’d want to trust to immortalise the memories of the biggest day of your life. A very important job, which I love with all my heart and soul. My entire working life has been dedicated to wedding photography. I’m one of the originals, an experimenter, a story teller, a traveler and a people person. I also like really good music and a bursting dance floor. You might find me there with the bridesmaids at the end of the night, hugging it out and reminiscing about the glorious events of the day.

Each and every wedding is an education for me, an emotional journey where I fully immerse myself in the day to capture the essence of it. But you won’t really notice I’m there, because I’m just one of the crowd, the one with the camera and I'll blend in perfectly. You’ll be able to enjoy the day you’ve put years into planning and I’ll be invisible 90% of the time. I class it a privilege to be one of the lucky few to be attending your wedding and I’ll give you absolutely everything I’ve got. I love Mum-in-laws, Aunty Carols and of course Uncle Bobs. I’m great at hooking up dresses, taking veils out, opening champers and telling you your label is hanging out, putting buttonholes on, and dancing while taking great photos.

some juicy facts about me

I live with my husband and 2 children in Manchester but I’m originally from the North East. Yes... a bit of the Geordie remains and the game ‘guess the accent’ is a wedding guest favourite

I often get told I look like Claudia Winkleman. I think it’s a long shot. It’s because I have a fringe

Cooking is my relaxation and my favourite cook books are Jerusalem, Feast and Savour

I love to travel and I enjoy getting to know our own beautiful UK in a tent just as much as I love a villa in the hills of Skopelos, an apartment in beautiful Florence, or a spa hotel in Istanbul. I'm an experience junkie

I love a good party, music is a huge part of my life and I love to dance... sometimes on tables. I'll not do this at your wedding though

I now call myself a runner after years of not trying hard enough. Now I'm a regular on Strava!

I have 2 cats. Mabeline the Siamese and Toby the Tom cat

I love eating a tasting menu in an amazing restaurant... and we’ve done a few of the best including Le Manior, L'enclume and The Fat Duck! Next... Noma

I recently hiked part of the Cumbrian Way, 48 miles in 3 days which was a great start to my trekking journeys and there's definitely many more in the pipeline

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