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Where are you based?

I've called Manchester home for the last 12 years but I'm originally from the North East. I know and shoot at all the local wedding venues in Manchester and in Cheshire but I love to travel, so I find myself road tripping up and down the country and beyond into Europe, for around 60% of my weddings. All my travel and accommodation costs are included wherever the wedding in England and Wales because I love getting to new places and being inspired in new spaces! It's not unusual for me to dedicate the full weekend to making sure I can be there the night before and the night of in some cases. I love to feel part of the celebrations and it definitely allows me to feel the energy of the wedding on the day.

How long will we spend away from our guests on the day doing photos?

This is what most people worry about and let me reassure you, my aim is to make sure you spend as little time with me as possible. I always recommend we do a few small, simple family photos (I usually say max 6 groups) which will take us no longer than 20 minutes, then if you want to have a wander around the venue to get a few portraits of the two of you alone, 30 minutes is great but if you let me know how important these photos are to you I will make it work to suit you. If you're sure you want none of the above then the whole day can be purely documentary. I can chat to you about the options and I'll plan the time meticulously to make sure everything's a perfect fit for you.

Can we share the images with our guests?

Yes of course! The images are uploaded to an online gallery and you can share the link with wedding guests. You can hide images you don't want them to see and they can buy prints and other printed things straight from the gallery fuss free.

Do you edit the images?

Yes I do edit the images and you receive the edited high res Jpegs. The style I have is punchy but timeless and the images will print out great. I also do some skin smoothing and spot removal (you'll be praying for no spots but just incase) on close ups of you where necessary!

How many images do you take on the wedding day?

I take around 2000 images on the wedding day which sounds like a hell of a lot but there's lots of test shots and shots around the height of the moment that don't make the cut - that you would never want to see! So we end up with around 500 best of the best in the edit that you receive (based on a full day), with lots of variation, and I provide a mixture of black and white and colour for you. Mostly colour as it would be a shame not to get everything in all its glory - but some images just have to be black and white because the creative Gods say so.


Yes I do and love to travel abroad, in fact I'm aiming to spend some more time shooting in Europe in the coming years so I'd love to hear from you if you're planning a beautiful wedding anywhere across the sea. I charge one set package price for weddings in Europe which includes all my costs (flights, car hire, hotels etc) so you don't have to lift a finger. I also aim to be with you for at least 2 nights so if you'd like me to I can come and meet you the day before and get to know the venue and in some cases the guests, before the official celebrations start!

Do you do engagement shoots?

Yes I do engagement shoots and they are great fun. Great for if you're feeling a bit unsure of how you'll feel in front of the camera on the day or if you'd like to practice some of your best angles! They usually last 1.5 hours, I can travel to you most of the time (there may be extra costs for my travel involved depending on where you're based) and we can make the location for the shoot as interesting as you like... city shoots are my favourite as there's so many interesting creative things I can do but some people prefer a beach, a forest, the wedding venue grounds... we can be flexible. You'll receive 50+ edited images from the day. Everyone loves the engagement shoots and it makes them super relaxed on the wedding day!

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