I’m so fortunate to be able to sum up my entire year of work, all my creative visions, all the travelling, and all the amazing people I’ve met in one blog post. It’s one of the most rewarding times for me, looking back on every wedding I’ve shot over the last 12 months and remembering what I’ve loved about each one. It reminds me that however testing this line of work can be sometimes, I truly love making pictures.NTP 1101NTP 225NTP 312NTP 4102NTP 575NTP 612NTP 712NTP 812NTP 912NTP 1011NTP 1111NTP 1211NTP 1311NTP 1411NTP 1511NTP 1611NTP 1711NTP 1811NTP 1911NTP 2010NTP 2111NTP 226NTP 232NTP 242NTP 252NTP 262NTP 272NTP 282NTP 292NTP 302NTP 313NTP 322NTP 332NTP 342NTP 352NTP 362NTP 3712NTP 3812NTP 3912NTP 4012NTP 4112NTP 4212NTP 4312NTP 4411NTP 4511NTP 4611NTP 4711NTP 4811NTP 4911NTP 5011NTP 5111NTP 5211NTP 5311NTP 5411NTP 5511NTP 5611NTP 576NTP 582NTP 592NTP 602NTP 613NTP 622NTP 632NTP 642NTP 652NTP 662NTP 672NTP 682NTP 692NTP 702NTP 713NTP 722NTP 732NTP 742NTP 752NTP 762NTP 772NTP 782NTP 792NTP 802NTP 813NTP 822NTP 832NTP 842NTP 852NTP 862NTP 872NTP 882NTP 892NTP 902NTP 913NTP 922NTP 932NTP 942NTP 952NTP 962NTP 972NTP 982NTP 992NTP 1001NTP 1012NTP 1021NTP 1031NTP 1041NTP 1051NTP 1061NTP 1071NTP 1081NTP 1091NTP 1102NTP 1112NTP 1121NTP 1131NTP 1141NTP 1151NTP 1161NTP 1171NTP 1181NTP 1191NTP 1201NTP 1212NTP 1221NTP 1231NTP 1241NTP 1251NTP 1261NTP 1271NTP 1281NTP 1291NTP 1301NTP 1312NTP 1321NTP 1331NTP 1341NTP 1351NTP 1361NTP 1371NTP 1381NTP 1391NTP 1401NTP 1412NTP 1421NTP 1431NTP 1441NTP 1451NTP 1461NTP 1471NTP 1481NTP 1491NTP 1501NTP 1512NTP 1521NTP 1531NTP 1541NTP 1551NTP 1561NTP 1571NTP 1581NTP 1591NTP 1601NTP 1612NTP 1621NTP 1631NTP 1641NTP 1651NTP 1661NTP 1671NTP 1681NTP 1691NTP 1701NTP 1712NTP 1721NTP 1731NTP 1741NTP 1751NTP 1761NTP 1771NTP 1791NTP 1801NTP 1812NTP 1821NTP 1831NTP 1841NTP 1851NTP 1861NTP 1871NTP 1881NTP 1891NTP 1901NTP 1912NTP 1921NTP 1931NTP 1941NTP 1951NTP 1961NTP 1971NTP 1981NTP 1991NTP 2001NTP 2011NTP 2021NTP 2031NTP 2041NTP 2051NTP 2061NTP 2071NTP 2081NTP 2091NTP 2101NTP 2112NTP 2121NTP 2131NTP 2141NTP 2151NTP 2161NTP 2171NTP 2181NTP 2191NTP 2201NTP 2211NTP 2221


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