Amy & Mark had such a beautifully quaint wedding, married at the village church and then party at the village hall in Eccleston near Chester. I loved the all the little details – you guys did such a great job. Imagine this… sun out, sitting on a hay bale, Pimms in hand, family band entertaining the guests and swing ball! It was very special and I think the photos say it perfectly! These are just a few of my favourites from the day. NIC 9080NIC 9134NIC 9129NIC 9205NIC 9312NIC 9282NIC 9361NIC 9582NIC 9508NIC 9522NIC 9563NIC 9649NIC 9671NIC 9687NIC 9702NIC 9728NIC 9747Untitled 5Untitled 4NIC 9880NIC 9938NIC 9972NIC 9984NIC 0001NIC 0820NIC 0825NIC 0822Untitled 2NIC 0738Untitled 3NIC 0477NIC 0487NIC 0681NIC 0071NIC 0668NIC 0645Untitled 1NIC 0445NIC 0465NIC 0547NIC 0762NIC 0798NIC 0869NIC 0356 11NIC 0742NIC 0945NIC 0938NIC 0956NIC 1004NIC 0965NIC 0731


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