I had a ball at Andrea & Tom’s wedding up on Saddleworth Moor. It was at The Talking Point which was old church converted into a modern civil wedding venue that looks out over the Peak District. We had an amazing ‘first look’, where a blindfolded Andrea & Tom met before the ceremony for a very special photo shoot, blindfolds removed and emotions caught on camera – it was amazing! This also involved us wading through sheep poo to get around the farm for some pics, but we loved it. It was a very small, heartfelt wedding with lots of very special moments. Plus the Cadillac was superb (what more can i say), the food divine and the dancing epic! These are some of my personal favourites from the day.NTP 6197NTP 6257NTP 6278NTP 6331NTP 6381NTP 6408NTP 6412NTP 6418NTP 6485NTP 6526NTP 6571NTP 6595NTP 6621NTP 6679NTP 6702NTP 6711NTP 6725NTP 6975NTP 7090NTP 7220NTP 7463NTP 7493NTP 7494NTP 7539NTP 7562NTP 7745NTP 7965NTP 8080NTP 8330NTP 8366NTP 8405NTP 8408


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