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…think Gucci, party people and sheep poo

Well this was definetly the best wedding in Somerset ever so look no further. It makes my life so easy when the people are crazy good, the venue is beautifully natural, details cool and the party starts before church. It really feels like I don’t have to work I just rock up, have a great time and the wedding photos come naturally. Like spending the day with friends and I’m the friend that always has a camera.

Well these folks Lauren and Charlie got it exceptionally right on all counts and it was a magnificent day. They grew up in Somerset and now live in London so decided on a wedding back home with everyone they’ve met along the way. They did the deed in the local church, pews packed, then were lucky enough to have the offer of a family friend’s land for the marquee reception which was just a perfect fit. Guests drank in the sunshine to the funked up grooves of the Brass band while crisps and dips were devoured. Then a casual mix of food and speeches followed, with a number of well deserved standing ovations throughout.

Lots more sunshine lounging, cigarettes and alcohol consumed before the amazing disc jockey line up ensued. Dance floor was raving, decks spinning and sun setting. Ending with a night under the stars camping for some in one of the tiny tipis dotted around the gardens.

Pretty much nailed it. And if I do say so myself the photos were also nailed! Hope you enjoy this snippet from Lauren and Charlie’s mega wedding day.



Made me cry! Fantastic photos captured beautifully