Didsbury House Wedding

What a perfect day for this Didsbury House wedding, a big celebration for Jess and Ryan, not forgetting their beautiful family. The day started at Didsbury House Hotel in South Manchester with an intimate wedding ceremony in the Blue Room, then we made the most of the sun on the walk up to the sister hotel, Eleven Didsbury Park for the wedding reception. You might think ‘how do you find places to take pictures on a residential street in Manchester?’. I always ask couples to leave it to me! I will find little nooks that you would never believe could become great photos, and this is what you are paying for! So I made use of the blossom trees and interesting walls, also the greenhouse in the garden to get some gorgeous photos of Jess & Ryan, which took about 20 minutes. Then they were free to enjoy their guests and the food and the wine for the rest of the day. They were so comfortable in my company and it comes across in the photos! This was a slightly shorter coverage than my usual, which is something I offer on a weekday, so we parted company just after the first dance which was a perfect ending to the perfect day.

“Thank you so, so much! We love the photos, they really capture the vibe and how much fun we all had. You were also a dream to work with; you made us feel so relaxed and you were like a wedding fairy godmother on the day! Shall we do it again??”


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