Jennie & John were married at Losehill House Hotel in the Peak District and it was a truly amazing setting with rolling hills all around us and the sun shone again!! I swear I’m some sort of lucky charm… (finding wood to touch). They made me feel so welcome which really helps me get the best shots – which we did… especially on the dance floor…! It was a real Scottish/Yorkshire knees-up and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that involved whisky, kilts, good food and lots of dancing! These were some of my favourite photographs from the day, enjoy this little preview. NTP 8656NTP 8556Untitled 2NTP 8551NTP 8538NTP 8575NTP 8702NTP 8582NTP 8611NTP 8619NTP 8640NTP 8681NTP 8709NTP 8715NTP 8722NTP 8779NTP 8733NTP 8767NTP 8770NTP 8907Untitled 1NTP 8934NTP 8935NTP 9055NTP 9079NTP 9099NTP 9155NTP 9159NTP 9702NTP 9703NTP 9490NTP 9421NTP 9436NTP 9455NTP 9480NTP 9505NTP 9521NTP 9531NTP 9611NTP 9812NTP 9827NTP 9862NTP 9874NTP 9929NTP 9958NTP 9971NTP 0076NTP 0160NTP 0047NTP 0231NTP 0238NTP 0260NTP 0343

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