Oh gosh I had butterflies as I was editing this wedding. I think you’ll get it when you scroll down. The story from start to finish…

NTP 2511NTP 2512NTP 2517NTP 2525NTP 2527NTP 2536NTP 2541NTP 2552NTP 2572NTP 2581NTP 2588NTP 2595NTP 2601NTP 2607NTP 2611NTP 2614NTP 2622NTP 2626NTP 2628NTP 2629NTP 2631NTP 2646NTP 2649NTP 2653NTP 2675NTP 2677NTP 2678NTP 2683NTP 2691NTP 2694NTP 2696NTP 2709NTP 2715NTP 2721NTP 2723NTP 2749NTP 2750NTP 2767NTP 2777NTP 2786NTP 2793NTP 2817NTP 2864NTP 2866NTP 2874NTP 2875NTP 2894NTP 2897NTP 2911NTP 2923NTP 2984NTP 3036NTP 3231NTP 3266NTP 3295NTP 3368NTP 3387NTP 3415NTP 3463NTP 3481NTP 3518NTP 3670NTP 3675NTP 3743NTP 3748NTP 3769NTP 3784NTP 3796NTP 3807NTP 3820NTP 3821NTP 3826NTP 3842NTP 3845NTP 3852NTP 3873NTP 3877NTP 3892NTP 3902NTP 3927NTP 3930NTP 3936NTP 3958NTP 3965NTP 4015NTP 4049NTP 4050NTP 4105NTP 4111NTP 4131NTP 4140NTP 4142NTP 4147NTP 4163NTP 4165NTP 4168NTP 4176NTP 4198NTP 4200NTP 4201NTP 4203NTP 4204NTP 4238NTP 4242NTP 4267NTP 4302NTP 4310NTP 4311NTP 4322NTP 4378NTP 4395NTP 4416NTP 4467NTP 4477NTP 4495NTP 4673NTP 4529


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