My 30th birthday weekend was spent a little further South of rainy Manchester at Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons – the amazing restaurant and rooms of Raymond Blanc in the Oxfordshire countryside. Unfortunately one night is all anyone could surely justify price wise at Le Manoir so we stayed in another beautiful place on the Friday night in Chipping Camden, which was a lovely little town I’d highly recommend it. So this is the little story of our weekend starting in Chipping Camden and ending at Raymond’s place. The 9 course meal isn’t documented here Im sorry to say but getting the camera out each course would have been crucifying! Both the food and the room were absolutely stunning and I certainly hope my hubby takes me back for my 31st – I reckon an annual trip there will suffice! Maybe I’ll get to photograph a wedding at Le Manoir one day! NIC 10785NIC 10965NIC 10985NIC 11015NIC 11035NIC 11065NIC 11115NIC 11155NIC 11175NIC 11275NIC 11305NIC 11325NIC 11375NIC 11425NIC 11565NIC 11635NIC 12895NIC 12875NIC 11695NIC 11705NIC 11755NIC 11775NIC 11785NIC 11805NIC 11845NIC 11885NIC 13205NIC 11915NIC 11925NIC 11945NIC 11965NIC 11975NIC 12005NIC 12015NIC 12065NIC 12115NIC 12145NIC 12185NIC 12205NIC 12275NIC 12325NIC 12365NIC 12505NIC 12534NIC 13465NIC 12585NIC 12655NIC 12724NIC 13035NIC 13165

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