Gemma & Rick had their ideal wedding at Manchester Art Gallery and I was there! Gemma was a designer herself so had planned the day with many visual treats in mind. It was such a stylish gallery wedding and as you know I love photographing anything Manchester so we had a ball. These are my favourites.

NTP 09141NTP 09471NTP 09661NTP 09821NTP 09861NTP 09911NTP 09941NTP 10211NTP 10271NTP 10471NTP 10601NTP 11011NTP 11131NTP 11161NTP 11211NTP 11221NTP 11561NTP 11671NTP 11751NTP 11791NTP 11841NTP 11911NTP 12041NTP 12261NTP 12291NTP 12341NTP 12361NTP 12541NTP 14081NTP 12721NTP 12941NTP 13231NTP 13281NTP 13901NTP 14031NTP 14111NTP 14671NTP 14891NTP 14951NTP 15091NTP 16421NTP 16471NTP 16761NTP 16951NTP 17301NTP 17311NTP 17861NTP 18121NTP 18281NTP 18781NTP 19011NTP 19041NTP 19421NTP 19531NTP 19541NTP 19551NTP 19581NTP 19891NTP 20181NTP 20371NTP 20531NTP 21321NTP 21751NTP 22101NTP 22821NTP 23341NTP 24141NTP 24041


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