Great day yesterday with Neil & Kaye! Manchester has some of the most amazing backdrops of any city, and lots of pigeons so it would seem, and dark smelly alleyways. We saw it all. Cannot wait for your wedding guys we are going to have such a ball down in Buckinghamshire! Turned these few around super quick just to get you really excited and I love them.NIC 1371NIC 1452NIC 1467NIC 1493NIC 1545NIC 1554NIC 1583NIC 1628NIC 1684NIC 1724NIC 1760NIC 1782NIC 1875NIC 1901NIC 1932NIC 1976NIC 1991NIC 1994NIC 2013NIC 2075NIC 2118NIC 2126NIC 2225NIC 2269NIC 2288NIC 2335NIC 2392NIC 2418NIC 2434NIC 2440NIC 2455NIC 2493NIC 2604NIC 2631NIC 2652NIC 2669NIC 2762NIC 2780NIC 2694NIC 2791NIC 2818NIC 2822


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