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Here’s some wedding photo inspiration, whatever style of wedding you’re planning, be it rustic, urban, DIY… there’s ideas for every budget and taste. After 12 years photographing weddings in the UK and abroad I really have seen some amazing sights! Some of the smallest, most intimate settings have had the biggest impact on me. And some of the least expensive decor ideas have been the most memorable.

Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic style weddings have become increasingly popular over the last few years. With their natural yet chic style, they offer an earthy aesthetic that is perfect for couples who want to celebrate outdoors or create a cozy atmosphere indoors. From vintage furniture pieces, mason jars and lanterns hung from the ceiling – there are so many ways to incorporate rustic decorations into your wedding details. Even if your venue isn’t already decked out in rustic decor, you can still capture beautiful images inside and outside by adding accents like benches, bales of hay and rugs. Rustic wedding venues to check out include:

Elmley Nature Reserve is one of my favourite venues to celebrate a wedding at in the UK. I am a regular here and I don’t mind one bit driving to the Isle of Sheppey to join incredible folks enjoying one of the best days of their lives here! It is beautiful, natural and you can hire the place for the full weekend which is a major plus.

Becca Sam 212

Cripps Barn Wedding Venue is another favourite, my favourite things are the wedding ceremony barn with the beautiful hanging chandelier you can embellish with florals – it looks exquisite. They’ll put the roaring fire on if it’s cold too. And the open kitchen with fire pit cooked food options is an additional temptation for wedding guests as they wet their appetite!

Wedding Photo Inspiration 1

Fairbank Wedding Barn in the Lake District is a wonderful rustic collection of barns and outdoor spaces that encapsulate the feeling of Cumbria around you on your wedding day! Loads of wedding photo inspiration in this area of the world! Charming and great for a ceilidh!

Wedding Photo Inspiration 3

Urban Wedding Style

If rustic isn’t your style, consider having an urban wedding instead! Urban venues often provide a unique atmosphere with their exposed brick walls and modern architecture. To give your photos a cool vibe, add some trendy props like vintage typewriters or retro bicycles. You could also incorporate dramatic lighting fixtures such as neon signs or hanging lights for a fun touch of color in the background of your pictures. And don’t forget about capturing shots of guests interacting with each other; these candid moments can be just as meaningful as posed portraits!

Victoria Baths in Manchester is one of my favourite urban venues with its unique party in a swimming pool to wow your guests! A breathtaking historical piece of architecture to host your wedding will definitely make you stand out and be talked about for years to come!

Wedding Photo Inspiration 3 2

Didsbury House Hotel is somewhere I shoot lots it being a venue just round the corner from me and I actually got married there too! So I know the place really well and have a soft spot for this boutique house party style setting where all the guests can enjoy staying the night and party into the small hours. Not forgetting the famous double bath situation in the bridal suite! Always a talking point!

Wedding Photo Inspiration 2 2

Manchester Art Gallery is an inspired wedding venue in the heart of the city. Imagine having your drinks reception in a beautiful gallery space with huge paintings, (what better surroundings for wedding photo inspiration!) Lowry originals, gold gilt frames and beautiful pottery, then dinner in a modern glass atrium. Great opportunity for inner city urban photos too.

Wedding Photo Inspiration 1 2

DIY Wedding Ideas

For couples on a budget or those who simply enjoy crafting projects, DIY weddings are the perfect way to get creative with your big day photos. You can make everything from custom place cards to handcrafted bouquets and decorations – all without breaking the bank! If you’re feeling extra ambitious (and have time!), you could even try making your own cake stand or designing unique photo backdrops out of fabric and paper flowers. There’s no limit to what you can do when it comes to DIY details; just use your imagination and let it be reflected in each shot!

My DIY inspired weddings are often on private land or at parent’s homes. If you can find some land to throw your wedding party then it’s a very personal and intimate way of celebrating with those around you who want to come together to help you have the best day. Many hands make these weddings work!

Here’s Flora & Ricky in a small woodland joined to their parents home …

Wedding Photo Inspiration 2

…and John & Amy celebrating in a beautiful woodland they dotted with tipis and tents and an outdoor stage for their band which was one of the highlights!

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