This wedding was my final of 2012 at The Lowry Theatre and it was such a colourful Christmas affair! Loved it. And Ruth looked to die for. Here’s just a few to tempt you!Wedding Photography, The Lowry TheatreNTP 34071NTP 34281NTP 34341NTP 34731NTP 34831NTP 34891NTP 35111NTP 35351NTP 35661NTP 35721NTP 36331NTP 36731NTP 36901NTP 37391NTP 37591NTP 37691NTP 37871NTP 38211NTP 38901NTP 39561NTP 40101NTP 40121NTP 40261NTP 40571NTP 40921NTP 42151NTP 42211NTP 42361NTP 42521NTP 42571NTP 44541NTP 46181NTP 46941NTP 47251NTP 47621NTP 47691NTP 47831NTP 48021NTP 48111NTP 48121NTP 48461NTP 48841NTP 48941NTP 49961NTP 51481NTP 52361NTP 54031NTP 55631NTP 56231NTP 56491NTP 56801NTP 57451NTP 57851NTP 57941NTP 58041NTP 58341NTP 58721


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