Davina and Dave are the loveliest couple you can imagine! We had such a fun engagement shoot in Knutsford town centre which you can see here and then their wedding at Whitley Hall near Sheffield was just beautiful. Davina wore a fabulous Ian Stuart dress with a huge bow at the back, Jimmy Choos and an amazing fur coat! Wowsers you did it right girl! And I ended up drinking with the groom and his family the night before the wedding… what a blast! Its been a pleasure working with you guys and I hope its not the last time… enjoy this little selection of my favourites.NTP 72461NTP 72561NTP 72571NTP 72581NTP 72681NTP 73181NTP 73211NTP 73321NTP 73781NTP 73911NTP 73951NTP 74121NTP 74241NTP 74331NTP 74341NTP 74531NTP 74671NTP 74681NTP 74781NTP 74901NTP 75011NTP 75841NTP 76311NTP 76411NTP 76941NTP 77011NTP 77681NTP 77801NTP 78231NTP 78281NTP 78431NTP 78441NTP 78471NTP 78741NTP 78881NTP 79291NTP 79741NTP 79971NTP 80931NTP 82621NTP 82861NTP 82901NTP 83431NTP 83591NTP 83721NTP 84211NTP 84221NTP 84411NTP 84601NTP 84681NTP 84711NTP 84831NTP 85021NTP 85141NTP 85161NTP 85521NTP 85551NTP 86261NTP 91051NTP 91411NTP 91451NTP 91571NTP 91861NTP 92681NTP 92871NTP 93541NTP 93911NTP 95471NTP 95681NTP 95721NTP 95741NTP 96261NTP 96561NTP 94531


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