What a day i had with Jon & Becky at Woolley Hall in Wakefield, it was firstly such a beautiful setting for a wedding reception and secondly Jon (yes i said Jon) had done an amazing job on the details. This really was a ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ real life wedding. You did fabulously – well done! And Becky looked amazing in her dress (it was similar to my own so we obviously have similar tastes) and we had fun fun fun all day long. Bouncy castles, pirouetting in the forest, fist bombing, and more cake than I’ve ever seen before. I didn’t want to leave especially when they brought the hog roast out… guys you were killin’ me! I hope you like this little selection I’ve put together for you to enjoy from the day. Lots and lots and lots more to come. Image 001Image 002Image 003Image 004Image 005Image 006Image 007Image 008Image 009Image 010Image 011Image 012Image 013Image 014Image 015Image 016Image 018Image 019film2Image 020Image 021Image 022Image 023Image 024Image 025Image 026Image 027Image 028Image 029Image 030Image 031Image 032Image 033Image 034Image 035Image 036Image 037Image 038Image 039Image 040Image 041Image 042Image 043Image 044Image 045Image 046Image 047Image 048Image 049Image 050Image 051Image 052Image 053Image 054Image 055Image 056Image 057Image 058Image 059


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